Curriculum Outline

The Teacher’s Manual is one part of the multi-platform Teach Us To Pray curriculum. Other vital elements include: Student Personal Study Guide, Session Outlines, Heaven Help Us short stories (in book form and MP3 audio files), Unit Tests and Quizzes, DVD with PowerPoint files, exercise worksheets, and additional teacher resources.

Transcendent Kingdom

UNIT 1: Transcendent Kingdom – Introduction
Lesson 1: Pray in this way
Lesson 2: Diligently search for Him
UNIT 2: Transcendent Kingdom –
Approach with Awe
Lesson 3: Creator of heaven and earth
Lesson 4: The God of Holiness
Lesson 5: The God of Love
Lesson 6: The God of Righteousness
Approach with Reverence
Lesson 7: Worship in Spirit and Truth
Lesson 8: Praying “in Jesus name” means
Lesson 9: Praying “in Jesus name” doesn’t mean
Lesson 10: What “Spirit led” prayer means
Lesson 11: What “Spirit led” prayer doesn’t mean
Lesson 12: Praying “in Truth”

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Kingdom Builders

UNIT 4: Kingdom Builders –
Approach with Meekness
Lesson 13: Gratitude
Lesson 14: Humility
Lesson 15: Grace
Lesson 16: Faith
Lesson 17: Joy
UNIT 5: Kingdom Builders –
Approach with Devotion
Lesson 18: Fellowship
Lesson 19: Submission
Lesson 20: Abiding
UNIT 6: Kingdom Builders –
Approach with Assurance
Lesson 21: Persistence
Lesson 22: Petition/Provision
Lesson 23: Shelter
UNIT 7: Kingdom Builders –
Approach with Compassion
Lesson 24: Mercy
Lesson 25: Forgiveness

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Kingdoms in Conflict

UNIT 8: Kingdoms in Conflict –
Approach with Confidence
Lesson 26: Temptation
Lesson 27: Armor of God
Lesson 28: Fortress
Lesson 29: Intercession
Lesson 30: The Defeated Enemy
Lesson 31: Unending battle… ultimate victory
Lesson 32: It is written
UNIT 9: Kingdoms in Conflict –
Approach with Anticipation
Lesson 33: God’s Kingdom
Lesson 34: God’s Power
Lesson 35: God’s Glory

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